Digital. Season 2, Episode 30. The Top 10 Travel News Stories of the Week: Day In, Day Out

Digital. The Top 10 Travel News Stories of the Week: Day In, Day Out

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  1. Italy created a National Tourism Fund to invest up to €2 billion to help the hospitality industry.
  2. According to Ian Schrager, founder of the Ian Schrager Company, the industry will return to “not a new normal, but the same normal we’ve always had.”
  3. Research has found that an old tuberculosis vaccine for newborns could also protect against COVID-19.
  4. Radisson and Zoom partnered to offer hybrid online conferences.
  5. After 30th September, Google Meet will limit the meeting time to 60 minutes on free plans.
  6. Twitter is experimenting with the idea to let people record and send voice direct messages directly in the app
  7. How will The Hotels of the Future look like? Anthropocentric, Technocentric, and Hybrid. Here’s my POW:
  8. Amazon launched “Explore,” a platform with sightseeing tours of several destinations. The feature is still in beta and by invitation only.
  9. “Koddi and Tripadvisor,” Koddi blog states, “have partnered to launch a recovery initiative that will provide a 20% rebate on all Tripadvisor Sponsored Placements spend through Koddi’s platforms from October 1 through December 31, 2020.”
  10. A US man was sued by The Sea View Resort under the Thailand strict anti-defamation laws and he risks up to two years in jail. The man accused the resort of “modern-day slavery” on a TripAdvisor’s review.

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